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Unexpected surfing of the (crimson) wave while hiking the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, Peru

In a couple of months, we will be trekking the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu with the Apu Andino Travel Peru guides – then it occurred to me:

What if Aunty Robin decides to come for a visit?

I did a quick Google search & came across this fantastic blog post from Go Girl Guides about a traveller’s experience & her tips for Aunt Robin’s unexpected drop-in.

I know this post will probably grose out what very few male readership I have, but let’s face it, it’s a real ‘sitch’ & something that I need to put out there for the rest of my fellow (female) travellers.

Have you ever been in this situation & if so, share your tales!

Safe travels,



  1. eric.rial says

    Have fun on the Inca Trail, it’s on my Bucket list, and not on my schedule yet! Oh… and ewe!


    • ailenerhea says

      Hi eric,
      haha I literally LOL-ed @ work reading your post!

      You definitely need to do the Inca Trail. I never really considered it until someone dumped it in my bucketlist – and now I’m going =)

      Are you travelling at moment? (Just looking at your profile pic!)


      • eric.rial says

        Leaving on Thursday for a long weekend in Vegas with friends. We were in Zion 2 weeks ago, that was a fun Labor day weekend! We’re house hunting which is putting a crimp in our planning right now, so after this weekend we have “no plans” that makes me antsy.


      • ailenerhea says

        Oh wow you’ll have to give me tips for Vegas. We’ll be doing a quick stopover there in Feb.

        Good luck with your house hunting – i’m sure there’s a fabulous one with your name on it:)


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