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Travel gadgetry & what not: What would you recommend?

We’ve been forum-stalking, blog-stalking & Googling for useful gadgets to take with us on our upcoming South America adventure.

As virgin backpackers, we’ve been doing as much research as we can. But at the same time, we’re definitely open to sh*t hitting the fan!

Anyway, so far we’ve hauled the following travel must haves, but we’re definitely open to your suggestions. I’m no gadget expert but the hubby came in handy when it came to dumbing down the specs so that my puny brain can comprehend it (HA!)

  • Canon EOS 500D: I’ve had this for a while but I’ll be taking this for those SLR quality shots I want (hellloooo Salt Flats!)
  • Sony NEX 5N: Still waiting for it to be delivered but I fell in love with it when my cousin introduced me to it (Camera: Hi, take me home. Me: Yes, yes I will). In fact the background on this blog was taken with it using the fish eye attachment
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII: My new love! For a phone, it does take some fantastic snaps!

Calling all those who have travelled to South Am: Is it worth taking a small notebook/laptop? And is internet/Wifi widely available in hostels, hotels & B&Bs?

When it gets closer to our fly date, I’ll post a more detailed blog (& possibly a video!) of what we’re going to be packing. Could use some packing tips from you guys.

Safe travels,


Sydney Harbour Bridge + Sydney Opera House - taken with Sony NEX 5, fisheye attachment

Sydney Harbour Bridge + Sydney Opera House – taken with Sony NEX 5, fisheye attachment

Photo: courtesy of my cousin Raquel M.


  1. Hi,
    Firstly, thanks very much for re-blogging my Salar de Uyuni piece; I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    On the question above re taking a computer of some kind to South America: it really depends on what you intend to do with it whilst there. If it’s purely for communications, then probably not. There are lots of ‘net cafes all over South America so getting on-line cheaply is not a problem in most places (and you will only get wifi in those same places anyway). If you want to write whilst travelling, then yes, take one!

    Wifi is certainly now quite widely available (though not universal), so you’ll be able to connect regularly and will be able to store up email, blog entries, etc. between connections (assuming your email is a client, not just web-based, and that you write blogs ‘off’ WordPress initially.

    Basically, if luggage space is an issue, don’t bother, but if you can comfortably carry the device, it’s worth it, but only just… It is much easier to find net cafes in small towns in most of SA than it would be in ‘the Western World’.



    • ailenerhea says

      Thanks so much Mike – i really appreciate you taking the time to reply.

      I definitely would like to do some writing on the go, especially update my blog. I guess one of the main reasons i wanted to take a laptop was to back up photos as well 🙂

      Love looking at your photos for inspiration, keep posting more!


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