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A sign from the travel gods

I’m a huge fan of Gadling. It is supposedly the world’s top travel blog – and why shouldn’t they be?

Apart from my fellow WordPress travel bloggers (yes, you!), I get my daily dose of travel-related goss from some of the passionate bloggers in the travel industry.

Earlier this week, I posted a travel meme that more or less sums up the idea behind this blog. But today, Dave Seminara at Gadling posted this blog. It was like he was looking straight into my soul…or my parents’ house (seeing as we still live with the folks!)


Can’t Afford To Travel? Bollocks! You Can’t Afford To Stay Home


Thanks to fellow WordPress blogger, The Untravelled Paths, here’s a take-home message to get you through the weekend:


If you ain’t living on the edge, you’re taking up way too much space


Have a great weekend and safe travels wherever you are.


It’s long weekend for the Aussies this weekend (hell yes!). The husband & I will be road-tripping it to the nation’s capital, Canberra ACT, to check out the annual Floriade celebration. Happy snaps to follow as I will be taking out my new Sony NEX 5N for a spin this weekend (hello fish eye!)


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