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Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in Antarctica


Antarctica is not exactly known for beaches; this continent paints a mental of image of dry, cold place. But don’t be surprised to learn that it is among the favorite travel destination of some tourists for its beaches, although not primarily for swimming. Antarctica is a nice and beautiful continent to visit or tour. The Antarctic Peninsula is the warmest and most exotic area of the continent; this is where the animals migrate for breeding during the months of October to February.

During the austral summer, Antarctica experiences very long day; darkness lasts just a few hours. The setting of the sun at dusk lasts a long time, too! Take a look at the list of the beautiful beaches in Antarctica, in no particular order:

1) Deception Island – The leading beach travel destination in Antarctica. Take a relaxing steam bath at this partly-submerged volcano! Situated at South Shetland Islands…

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