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Walking on Sky

Another fantastic snaps of the Uyuni salt flats! Also check out Mike Green Images/Photography. It’s photos like these that makes me want to keep on travelling 🙂

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  1. Is this a painting? It’s absolutely beautiful!

    Thanks for dropping by! It seems I’ll be able to wander about some South America and Australia from your blog- both places I’ve never traveled to and would love to do so.

    From fellow earthling also “consumed by wander” for sure.


    • ailenerhea says

      Hiya Melissa…thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I reblogged this pic from a fellow blogger’s page/travel diary, but i believe this is a real pic. The water on the salt flats acts as a mirror which is really cool! But yeh, it does look like a painting!

      Where do you hail from?


      • I hail from Hong Kong though I’m studying in California right now. What about you? 🙂

        To extend my holiday to Europe this July, I’m doing short posts of my summer journal right now- it’s such a great distraction haha.


      • ailenerhea says

        Nice one! What’s Cali like?

        My husband & I are from Sydney, Australia. We love to travel when we can 🙂

        Europe is amazing! Where have you travelled to? What’s next on your agenda?


      • Berkeley’s got its own special character and life is definitely interesting, living on a faultline by a culture giant like San Francisco. I’ll be blogging about Munich, Venice, Paris, Oslo, Bergen, and Tromso next! …Totally did a spoiler there but stay tuned 😉

        Man, I was going to say Australia (!!!) and Moscow! There you have it. What’s your fave travelled place so far?


      • ailenerhea says

        Looking forward to reading about your European adventure (definitely jealous!).

        In response to your question, I’ve travelled to mostly Western Europe, Dubai, Thailand, Philippines (where I was born), Australia (where I live, of course!) & UK (which is practically my second home coz I find any excuse to go there!)

        The world is vast & itching to travel every corner, however remote =)

        Thanks for sharing your tales & keep blogging =)


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