Month: November 2012

Today we say farewell to Lima – off to Arequipa, Peru

  Apologies for the lack of posts. I have been keeping tabs of our adventures in a journal that I carry so I will be doing a bulk upload at some point. Which brings me to my next point, is there a way I can back-date WordPress entries? So today, we’re off to Arequipa. Our Cruz del Sur bus leaves early afternoon on a 15hr bus ride across the beautiful Andes. As we were doing research, we stumbled upon this Lonely Planet forum thread & article which really gave us the hibby-jibbys. Hijacking? Assault? Stuff stolen? As a ‘traveller’, I like to keep an open mind & not be swayed by such reports. After all, how often does hijacking happen? But having said that, I pray that everything goes well & that we are safe throughout our 3 month stint in this beautiful continent. I hope these photos temporarily fill the void in my lack of posts. Safe travels….          

Buenos Dias From Lima, Peru

So after a (very) long haul flight (Sydney>Dallas>Miami>Lima), we arrived at the airport around 5:20am. Customs was a breeze…& then the ‘fun’ really began. As soon as we stepped out of the ‘safe zone’, we were hounded by literally 15 or so taxi drivers trying to get our business. I took Lonely Planet’s advice from “South America on a Shoestring” about bypassing the expensive taxi services inside the airport. Instead, we walked “out of the airport terminal, walk 100m to the pedestrian gate, turn right & walk 100m to the road outside the airport where you can get an unofficial taxi for less or a combi to Miraflores“. No combis & definitely no ‘La S’ in sight. The hounding continued. I felt like we were bait & there were hawks circling around us. We were sweating & beyond exhausted at this point that we ended up ‘bargaining’ a ride to Miraflores District where our apartment was located. That ‘bargaining’ was not much of a bargain (S30, approx $15 AUD) as when we arrived at …