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Peru Bound

Sitting at Sydney International Airport, all I can think about is how much I’m going to miss my family, my friends & all the simple pleasures that I perhaps took for granted.

I bid farewell to my workmates on Thursday. After three years of memories & shenanigans, I finally said goodbye to a bunch of fantastic people who have become lifelong friends. They organised a memorable & heartfelt send-off by way of a farewell lunch, awesome travel gifts, embarrassing speeches & even a created a video.

Last night, my parents decided to hold a farewell dinner by cooking some of my fave homecooked meals. The inlaws, my aunty & our closest family friends came around for some karaoke, soul food & more farewell speeches.

My parents dropped us off at the airport & as tears welled up in their eyes, so did mine.

I miss home already.

Now I sit here waiting for our plane that will take us from Sydney, to Dallas, to Miami & finally, Lima (Peru).

Safe travels to you & to us


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