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Sydney > Dallas > Miami > Lima

Lack of sleep. Crappy on-board entertainment. Crying babies. Interrupted sleep. Dead leg.

After approximately 16 hours from Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (USA), I’m literally ready to snap. As I have never been to the USA before, I didn’t know what to expect.

And so we were met with unfriendly & unhelpful people (sorry Dallas locals!) at the airport, long line at customs, more security checks, baggage claim (in transit? really?!) & now waiting for our connecting flight to Miami & then another connecting flight that would take us to the first stop of our 3 month backpacking tour – Lima, Peru.

If I had to find any positives in all of this, it’s that we met some really friendly Aussies at the customs line, got to experience wave scan technology, boarded a Skylink to our departure gate (similar to the one in Rome, Italy) & I get to people watch at the airport.

We hope everyone is doing well, wherever you are in the world. I’ll hopefully get to check in again in Miami but if not, see you in Peru.

Safe travels xo


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