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Today we say farewell to Lima – off to Arequipa, Peru


Apologies for the lack of posts. I have been keeping tabs of our adventures in a journal that I carry so I will be doing a bulk upload at some point. Which brings me to my next point, is there a way I can back-date WordPress entries?

So today, we’re off to Arequipa. Our Cruz del Sur bus leaves early afternoon on a 15hr bus ride across the beautiful Andes. As we were doing research, we stumbled upon this Lonely Planet forum thread & article which really gave us the hibby-jibbys. Hijacking? Assault? Stuff stolen?

As a ‘traveller’, I like to keep an open mind & not be swayed by such reports. After all, how often does hijacking happen? But having said that, I pray that everything goes well & that we are safe throughout our 3 month stint in this beautiful continent.

I hope these photos temporarily fill the void in my lack of posts.

Safe travels….

Huaca Pucllanna, Miraflores District

Huaca Pucllanna, Miraflores District


Our gracious host, Gustavo, who has opened his home to us. We found a listing on & he definitely lived up to the many rave reviews.

Huaca Pucllana – adobe pyramid & archaelogical site located in the Miraflores district & minutes from our rented studio apartment.

Huaca Pucllanna, Miraflores District


Plazas des Armas, Central Lima

Plazas San Martin, Central Lima


Caught off guard pawing through the Lonely Planet book for some guidance (and reassurance!)


Brunch of ‘cafe con leche’ & chicharron with sweet potato & onion sandwich


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