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Blogging Hiatus

Hello fellow bloggers & travellers.

It has been well over a year & a half since my last post. It has also been well over a year & a half since hubby & I packed our bags to see the wonders of South America.

I found it quite difficult to maintain a blog whilst travelling, not for the lack of WiFi connection (where in fact, South America had some of the best Internet accessibility), but more the fact that I just had way too much fun. I just figured I didn’t want to waste a single second recapping my travels on a blog, but rather live it. Experience it. Fall in love with it.

After a year & a half of being back, the memories are still fresh in my mind, as if I had just stepped out of the plane. I’ve travelled to many countries before, but I definitely left my heart in South America.

Have you ever visited a place & you’ve just never been the same?

I will eventually back track & upload our South American tales. I did manage to keep a written diary which I found lot easier to maintain. Although I found missing accounts of the last two weeks of our travels, it’s nothing a few hundred photos & videos can’t explain. So watch this space!

Meanwhile, here’s a little something special to keep you hanging on.

Vivid Sydney 2014 started last Friday, 23rd May. Hubby & I sat at a vantage point at The Rocks to watch the opening.

Crowds gathered quite quickly for its 6:00pm AEST opening. It has become one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the past couple of years & a mecca for professional, amateur or hobby photographers alike. Creative & unique lighting installations can be found all around the Sydney CBD. Fall in love with neon lights all over again!

‘Til next time…

Safe travels.

Love to hear your thoughts

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