Month: October 2014

Goodie Bags for Trick or Treat

Five o’clock and the first trick-or-treater came knocking on my door. Rather than opening it and feigning a fright and marvel at the cute Halloween costumes, I did the only thing I could think of. I tiptoed as fast as I could upstairs and hid until the trick-or-treaters went away. I couldn’t stand disappointing the neighbourhood kids by handing out nothing. Or worse – handing out apples. I have plenty of those. I suppose I could always hand out a toffee/candied apple recipe to go with it.   But I’d rather have them go away disappointed no one opened the door for them. I’d rather have them come back later and be greeted with marvelous tooth decay – I meant lollies. I have never been this unprepared for Halloween. When I was living with my folks, my mum used to pack bags of goodies in zipped-lock bags and position herself by the door to welcome each clown, vampire, princess, pirate and Julia Gillard who came knocking. So I went out and grabbed a selection of …

Ready in 10 Minutes: 10 Beauty Products To Pack When Travelling

The beauty of travelling is that you get to meet a lot of people. But never have I come across a (female) traveller who’ve shared their beauty must haves when packing for their next adventure. Or at least a (female) traveller who likes to admit their girly-girl side. Now, I wouldn’t call myself an expert suitcase/luggage/backpack packer. Nor am I a beauty expert. No ma’am. But having travelled solo, in a tour group and backpacked in many countries, I tend to reach for a handful of go to beauty essentials to make sure that I’m photo ready.