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Why the name change to Rheacollections? will now be redirected to

If anyone has any pointers on WP and blogging in general, would love to hear from you.

“Why the name change?”


Recollection“Rhea” is part of my name (pronounced ‘re’, ‘rey’, ‘reeya’). And since this blog will incorporate a collection or “recollection” of my travels, I wanted to make the blog name more personal. A play-on-words was exactly what it needed.

And so rheacollections was born.

Another reason for the name change is that I’m currently working on a project specifically for all types of travellers and holidaymakers. I needed a brand/product name that will stick and resonate with my target market – YOU! It’s still early days but please stay tuned for updates!


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A R(h)e(a)collection of my worldwide adventures | A Sydneysider with an incurable wanderlust | Seasonal traveller | 36 Countries, 100+ Cities & Counting | Twitter/Instagram: @rheacollections

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