Month: November 2014

Introducing The Bucket List

As a newbie blogger/WP user, I’m still trying to get a handle on what works. For those who are existing followers, thank you for being so patient. Over the next few weeks – and most probably as long as my blog is live – you may see some aesthetic changes. One of these changes is that I have added a section for my Bucket List. Highly unoriginal, but I figured since this blog will mostly be about travel, it’s probably worth having one. Plus, it would be great to get an insight into other readers’ bucket list so feel free to share yours! Unfortunately, my bucket list is stored in my head. Fortunately, I can extract them – but it will take a few days. Stay tuned. As always, safe travels wherever you are.   (Featured Image: Uncommon Chick)

Motivation Monday: Confucius say…

While the other half of the world is still cherishing the remaining hours of the weekend, it’s a start of a brand new work week for the other half. However for many, everyday is a weekend! There are so many famous quotes/motivationals/travel quotes on the WWW. This morning, I’ve handpicked a number of motivationals around work/life balance and just choosing to live life, hoping that I can motivate myself and others to pave our own path and do what I/you love. Happy Monday!   (Feature Image:

Top 5 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas For Travellers

Today marks exactly 5 weeks until Christmas. A question I’ve heard thrown around lately is: Where did this year go? “Where did it go?” Are you one of those people who have been so busy all year that you’ve lost track of time? Or one who just can’t wait for this year to be over? If you’re anything like me and have not even started thinking about the inevitable Christmas shopping, now is probably a good time to start as any to create that shopping list. And if you’re anything like me who’s on a budget for various reasons, then keep reading. If you have a family member or friend who is a globe-trotter or planning to travel, this post is dedicated to you. There’s nothing more exciting (or useful) than receiving a gift that will come in handy for their next adventure. As a lover of all things travel, I’m always searching the WWW for inspiration. Here’s a quick list I’ve come up with which might inspire you – and of course, feel free to share your …