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Motivation Monday: Quit Your Job

Ok, so it’s easier said than done. But it is probably one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done – twice over.

Today, I got inspired by a fellow Aussie blogger’s quest on finding happiness – quitting her job, becoming an entrepreneur, working for herself….and being absolutely OK. It’s not easy starting your own business – a lot of sacrifices, a lot of stepping back in order to move 10 steps forward. As I try my hand at being my own boss in 2015, this blog post gave me an inspiration to keep going.

So a big thank you to Ashlea Wheeler from A Globe Well Travelled.

6 things you should know about becoming an entrepreneur

10 reasons why travel is better than your office job



  1. ashleawheeler says

    Thank you for the feature Ailene – I feel so incredibly happy that my posts have inspired you! I hope working for yourself throughout 2015 goes really well and that you find plenty of enjoyment in what you do!


    • Ailene Rhea says

      Thanks! And you’re welcome re: feature! Quitting the daily grind for goof has been on my bucketlist for a while and I’m finding that more & more people are doing it. Plus it’s never too late =)


      • ashleawheeler says

        It’s definitely never too late. What a happy world it would be if we could all work for ourselves 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • hahah tell me about it =)))

      Also, apologies for the delayed response – have been road tripping the last few days & playing catch up as we speak =)


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