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Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

I’m Ailene Rhea and I have been a Sydneysider for nearly three decades. As cliche as it sounds, the travel bug bit me somewhere between losing my luggage en route to Hamilton Island (QLD, Australia), and getting completely lost in the old town of Nice (France).

Although I have been to 33 countries and 100+ cities, I can only proudly say that I remember only half of them. While I always remind myself to write everything down in a journal, something always comes up and the next thing I know, I’ve completely forgotten the name of that nice old Bolivian lady who ran after me down the street to return the wallet I had accidentally left in her shop.

I decided to start blogging again late last year as a way to remember my travels, hence the name rheacollections – a play on words that combines my name and a recollection of my travels. I kept my blog to myself for a while before making it public. Although it’s out there for the public to read, I still haven’t publicised my work to my family and friends. I consider myself somewhat of a perfectionist and until my writing is up the the standard I like, I will then share it with my nearest and dearest. They say that those close to you are the harshest critics.

I want my blog to serve as my own recollections of where I went, what I did, who I met, how I got there and why I started travelling. But most importantly, inspire others to take a leap and see a part of the world. I also want to change things up from time to time and include my honest, unbiased reviews of food, hotels and anything in between.

I also love taking random photos and I’m never one to leave the house without my trusty HTC One M8 or Sony NEX 5.

I would love to connect with different types of travellers – holidaymakers, backpackers, solo travellers, couple travellers, luxury travellers, cruise travellers and those who are planning to finally see the world.

Whew! That was a mouthful.

One of my 2015 resolutions is to blog as much as I can to improve my content writing skills; polish my (amateur) travel photography skills; connect with as many people as I can; and inspire as much as I can. I would also like to launch my own product specifically for the traveller community and their feedback will be critical to its short and long term success.


Featured Image: Flickr Sean MacEntee – under Creative Commons license agreement


    • Funnily enough, researching and planning a 2 week road trip in Feb and *cross fingers* a month in Scandinavia a region in Feb 2016. Now to try and figure out how to afford it..hmm…. LOL

      How about you?


      • Chaméléon says

        I’m doing a tour of Europe at the end of June. It’ll be my first time there, so I’m very excited.

        After that, probably a week in the Caribbean somewhere, maybe in Nov 2015 or sometime after that. I’m aiming for the Dominican Republic.

        I would love to go to Scandinavia. I have a friend in Denmark and friends who have been to Norway and Sweden. They all looked like gorgeous places!

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      • Chaméléon says

        I can’t wait to begin writing about it! 162 days is starting to feel like a long wait… not that I’m counting or anything…

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  1. Like you I am learning through 101 Uni. I am in the UK ,my daughter lives in Sydney and has spent Christmas with us this year!


  2. G’day Ailene,
    Just dropping in to thank you for your visit, nice to find another True Blue in the vast WP family, happy New Year 🙂


  3. Very nicely done. Good words, good thoughts, good pics. My blog is one day older than the 101 course, which I see you are doing also? It’s true, although you give up a lot to travel, when you do travel, you are repaid a hundred times in return. There’s a cost to everything. What’s the cost of never traveling?


    • Thanks so much!

      And yes, doing the Blogging 101 course but I’m quite behind haha I’ve just been busy this week. How are you gong with it? I haven’t checked your blog but will do so in a few minutes after I reply to you hehe

      Travelling is amazing & the beauty of it is that you don’t have to cross international waters to do so =)


  4. Ailene, hi! I stumbled upon your blog through Blogging 101 (and your distinctive name – do you have a Filipino parent?) and loved your theme + categories so much I just HAD to find out more about you. Thank god for this introduction!

    I’m just popping in to say hi before I creep on more of your posts. Just thought I’d let you know where I’m coming from. 😉 Have a great week!

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    • Hiya! Good spot! Yes, my background is Filipino. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments. I will sure to check yours out too. How are you finding the Blogging 101 course? P.S. Creep away haha


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