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How to take good holiday food snaps … and when to put the camera down

I admit, I’m guilty of taking photos of my food *insert #foodporn here* These are some really great tips from fellow WP blogger


“Wait until the whole table is served,” Mum said, slapping my hand away from the oh-so-tempting chips. So I sat, impatiently waiting for her look of approval before finally being granted permission to eat.

For some, it was waiting for grace to be said that stopped them from eating as soon as their backsides hit the chair. For others, it was the realisation that, before they could get to the good stuff, they would first have to contend with brussel sprouts.

But these days, it’s not etiquette, fart-inducing veggies or even God getting in the way of my meal and me. It’s an iPhone.

At almost every meal, I’m forced to wait as people take out their phones and pass dishes back and forth to be photographed and later uploaded to social media. Thus the one meal is posted multiple times from almost always the same angle. Worse still, not…

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