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Blogging 101: Dearest bucket list…..Signed, the person who will kick you

Today’s WordPress Blogging 101: Write To Your Dream Reader topic is quite interesting and it definitely got my blogging brain thinking. Who is my dream reader?

And so I thought about it. All day.



For those interested in reading my overflowing and never-ending bucket list, click here.


Featured Image: Flickr Lívia Cristina L. C. – under Creative Commons license agreement


      • I still need to write my bucketlist though:/ I’ve tried before but I always felt so limited. I’m finding now that making lists whether you can accomplish them or not is still such a great idea because it can force you to will the way to do it. I’m going to be working on mine 🙂

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  1. Excellent choice of dream reader. Fun to read. I spent more time figuring out how to do a slid show then focusing on the ‘dream reader’.


    • Thanks so much! I was trying to get through everyone’s Dream Reader posts last night but I kept clicking around everyone’s blog so never got through them all haha I’ll have a look at your now. Thanks for dropping by!


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