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How To Spend 6 Hours in Edinburgh | Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland is definitely a place that you should consider adding to your travel bucketlist – even if you have only a few hours to spare.

It’s certainly on my need-to-come-back-to travel bucketlist.

In 2011, we got treated to a return EasyJet ticket from London to Edinburgh – a belated wedding gift from one of UK’s famous turntablist DJ Angelo, who just so happens to be the hubby’s cousin. Anyway, it was a day trip to Edinburgh so we had to make the most of what little time we had.

So what did we do to maximise our 6 hours in Edinburgh?

1. Stroll around the city and admire some of the historical landmarks.

2. We ate Haggis – the fancified version.

3. You can’t go to Scotland without sampling their Whiskey.

In the 1970s Claive Vidiz, a whisky enthusiast and founding member of the Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors, started to acquire Scotch whisky of varying type, cost and rarity. He amassed almost 3,400 bottles over 35 years

In the 1970s Claive Vidiz, a whisky enthusiast and founding member of the Brazilian Association of Whisky Collectors, started to acquire Scotch whisky of varying type, cost and rarity. He amassed almost 3,400 bottles over 35 years

The whisky collection in this place is amazing. I tried taking a photo standing in the middle of one of the display rooms, but it’s just not the same as actually being there.

4. Climb up Arthur’s Seat. 

Totally unprepared – clothing and footwear wise – but we still climbed this dormant volcano, which sits 251 metres above sea level. Arthur’s Seat will take your breath away. Literally. It’s a steep climb for something not even that high to begin with, and the views from the top are simply spectacular.

5. Star jumping in front of Edinburgh Castle.


6. Admire the views from (outside of) Edinburgh Castle.

It would’ve been great to have gone inside Edinburgh Castle but we had very little time. But more of a reason to return to this historical city for sure to spend a bit more time.

Visit Scotland, the official National Tourism Organisation for this picturesque town, has a great section on their website where you can plan your itinerary so go check it out.


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  1. Glad you loved Edinburgh. I’m a crazy travel addict, like you! Edinburgh is my home and people are always surprised when I say that I love it as much as tourists do. It never gets old 😀

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    • I wish I had more time last time I was there. You have a great city there! As a local, what else would you recommend that’s not written in the guide books?


      • There are some really great little cafe’s and coffee shops where I love to hang out 🙂 My favourite tourist attraction is the Camera Obscura (just opposite the Whiskey Experience) it’s so much fun and I always take people there if they’re visiting me! Stockbridge is an old village which is now merged with the city, it’s on the Water of Leith. it has some really cute little quirky shops so you should have a look there too. Walking along the Water of Leith is lovely, it’s a pathway that takes you through lots of areas of the city. Very quiet and green 😀 I also love the Botanics. My Dad has worked there since before I was even born so it’s pretty special to me – but loads of people love it even without the sentimental bits!! It’s really gorgeous in the summer especially. Do you think you’ll go back one day? I’m going back soon. I live in Vietnam just now 🙂

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      • I can’t believe we didn’t go to Camera Obscura when we were there. I remember it being quite packed with tourists and didn’t want to waste time waiting around.

        I love your recommendations! Darn it, I wish we had more time haha Definitely will be adding those on the things-to-do list.

        I will be going back one day. I’d love to take some time to do a road trip around Scotland and Ireland.

        Do you miss being back in Scotland?

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      • You missed out!! Yeh I do miss it – loads actually!! It was eapecially hard this year as I left for Vietnam just before the festival began so everyone was excited for it. Still, it was a new adventure for me so can’t complain. Going home in less than 3 weeks. Unfortunately my Dad doesn’t live in Edinburgh anymore. Without a single doubt I’ll be in and out of the city all the time!!


  2. Girl, Independent says

    I’ve lived in New York and London and Edinburgh is still my favourite city in the world. It’s amazing. I love just wandering the old streets and finding an old cafe or pub to people watch! Scott Monument is also a gem -£3 to go up and views to rival Arthur’s Seat. I might need a weekend city break soon….

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  3. This is one of the most favourite cities of mine! Not sure whether it’s due to this visit being a romantic weekend getaway with my then-husband-to-be, the fact that we got to see it in a gothic-foggy-impressive way in the morning and all sunlit by the afternoon or the long dusky summer evenings, but I just fell in love with Edinburgh!

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    • Thanks you very much =)) Edinburgh is so beautiful & I wish we got to see Scotland as a whole. Definitely on the must-come-back-to list =))

      When are you planning on going?

      Also, apologies for the delayed response – have been road tripping the last few days & playing catch up as we speak =)


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