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Premio Dardos Award Nominee

Thank you to fellow blogger Tiny Expats for nominating this blog for the Premio Dardos Award.

[UPDATE: In April 2015, I was also nominated by the lovely Christiana of Lifestyle Counter. Her blog is pretty neat so go check it out, and tell her I sent you].

What is the Premio Dardos Award?

I’ve discovered and re-discovered a lot of blogs in the last week that I would like to nominate. There are also blogs that have been around for a long time that fit this criteria too. There is a bit a lot of travel theme going on here, but recently I found bloggers who not only travel for the sake of travelling, but travel with a purpose. Whether that’d be teaching abroad, volunteering, studying or those making a permanent timezone change in search of a simple life. I also love photos that capture LIFE.

Again, this is just a handful. If I can put you all up for nomination, it would be the prefect award.

So without further ado, here are the nominees:

 Janaline’s World Journey

Project Light To Life

Freelance Wanderer

Places People Stories

The Wandering Poet

What Is It That Makes You Happy

The Traveling Gypsy

Samantha En Route

Effervesccent Expat

Independent Travel Planning

Expedition World

The World According To Grethe

Into The Mild

Caramelize Life

Turquoise Compass


    • Hahah been following your blog & you have some interesting take on the world. You deserve it dude! Now go spread the love to 15 others haha


  1. that traveling nurse says

    Kudos on yet another achievement! I am “off blogging” for the night supposedly since i am working now but i just cant resist take a peek at what i am missing here. 🙂 shhh…

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    • You’re welcome :))) The beauty about blogging is that as long as you have something to say that inspires people, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been blogging for years or a month :))

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  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful blog nomination. It’s an honour. I’m glad you see the creativity I put into my blog. I’m happy to share your nomination and blog on my social media sites!
    Turquoise Compass

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