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Motivation Monday: What If You Live Life The Way You Travel?

I was scouring through blogs this morning and stumbled upon this video reblog by Winging It. This video will force you to ask yourself: What if we lived like we traveled, every day?

As per my comment on Winging It’s blog post, having lived in Sydney practically all of my life, I often get stuck in a rut on what to do during the week or on the weekend. So every now and then, I try to see Sydney as if it was my first time. As if I only have a few hours.

It all started back in 2008 when a couple of friends from the UK came to visit for a few weeks. They had a list of places to visit so Moe and I took them around.

Bondi Beach. Tick.

Sydney Opera House. Tick.

Sydney Harbour Bridge. Tick.

Shopping. Tick.

The list ended there. So as part of an experiment, we decided to take one of those red double decker Hop On/Hop Off buses (which cost the earth by the way) to see what and how these tour guides showcase Sydney.

Bondi Beach. Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney Opera House. Roads and Maritime Building. Kings Cross (or rather, an intersection).

Definitely not worth it, but great for those who may be short on time. Or have travel funds to burn.

Anyway, you can view the full video by [clicking here]. Also if you’re looking for Things To Do in Sydney or outside of, check out these other posts:

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Feature Image: Flickr Moyan Brenn – under Creative Commons license agreement


  1. Since the beginning of January my mom and I go for a long hike in the forests near my hometown every weekend. We drive no more than an hour to the startingpoint. I am constantly amazed at how many beautiful places there are so close to home that I had never visited before.

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    • That’s great stuff! It’s such a great feeling when you discover something new (or re-discover) in your own hometown. Hiking is always relaxing – tiring at times, but relaxing. So good that you and your mum have incorporated that into your week/weekends =)))

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  2. I love this, and promise to reblog it myself some time. I think we feel compelled to travel great distances for our holidays because of stress, and the desire to literally get away for a while. But how easy it is to find an oasis right around the corner! Power off your mobile devices, and you ARE away!

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    • So true! I’m glad this resonates with you as well.

      Also, going “off the grid” for a few hours can be a challenge given the tech savvy world we live in hehehe I was on a blogging hiatus for over a week & it did feel quite good. Now just playing catch up haha

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