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9 Reasons To Add Lithgow To Your Roadtrip Itinerary| NSW Australia

If you have a day to spare and want to branch out of the typical Sydney experience, you may want to consider adding Lithgow to your list of places to visit. Situated on the foothills of Blue Mountains (Mts) and central west of Sydney, Lithgow is often a stopover location for many road trippers, before continuing on to country New South Wales (NSW). And I’m here to give you at least 9 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook this diverse region as part of your Sydney road trip itinerary. When Sydneysiders hear Lithgow being uttered, you tend to get mixed reactions – majority being whingey city folk. True, it is a quiet area but all you need is a day…or two..or three! Thinking outside the norm and actually paying attention to the surroundings, I’m actually quite surpised on how much there is to do and see along the way, and I wanted to share this with you.

Three Sisters Loop via Furber Steps & Echo Point to Leura Forest Circuit | Blue Mts (NSW, Australia)

Yesterday we decided to get in touch with nature & completed a mini bushwalk/hike in the Blue Mts area. We were blessed with fantastic blue skies, clear paths & a hearty meal at the end! Our starting point was at the Scenic Skyway at approximately 8am (AEST). Luckily, we brought our ski jackets as it was f*** freezing! However, it didn’t take long for us to warm up as we made our way down to the valley. We went with two other experienced & avid bushwalkers: Steve who lives & breathes nature (who I later found out competes in an annual Sydney Tower Run-Up), and Phil who is training for a 5-week stint in Nepal in a couple of months. For those who are planning a trip to the Blue Mts area, I strongly recommend doing one of these bushwalks. There are trails to suit every fitness level. For more information, visit one of the many information offices in the region, but if you’re a tourist I can already guarantee that you will most likely head straight to Echo Point …