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Not all those who wander are lost

Travel Memes & Quotes

I’m not usually one for spam mails, motivational posters & what not….but I do LOVE a good travel meme. Inspirational, travel memes. Ones that make me sigh. Ones that make me look out the window, leaving my thoughts to wander off on their own. Ones that make me want to quit my job & pack my bags for that next adventure. Ones that make me want to add them to my overflowing bucket(wish)list. Ones that make me reflect on where I’ve been (or haven’t been). Ones that make me want to turn to the stranger next to me & start telling them about how infinite the world really is (ok, that sounded like a Forest Gump moment!) And ones that made me start up this long awaited blog. So here are some of my faves. Would love it if you share yours – ones that have inspired you to fall in love with the travel bug that once bit you.   Travel safe, Ailene