Travelling To Me Is

…the stress of planning


…negotiating the best deals

…a heck of a lot of research

…sleepless nights

…feeling anxious & excited all at the same time

…agree to disagree

…being broke


…not following the usual lifecycle

…going against the grain

…trying to start a blog & not knowing how or where to begin

…dreading the 9 to 5

…starting all over again

…accumulating a mini-library of guidebooks



…trying to take artistic shots of our meal

…taking touristy snaps & not caring how ridiculous we look

…having a good balance

…trying out new cuisine even if it means getting food poisoning from a street vendor

…the need to make people envious through social media updates

…walking until we can’t walk no more

…studying maps & still getting lost

…falling in love with cliches

…telling people where & why we do it, & accepting the fact that they will never understand

…meeting complete strangers in a random cafe & spending hours swapping tales

…making lifelong friends

…and knowing that no matter how old we get & where we are 20 years from now,

we would still have this insatiable need to see the world the way that we want to see it;

finding our own path & making our own memories

Love to hear your thoughts

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