Year: 2014

3…2…1…Happy New Year 2015

Just a quick post to say a very big thank you to YOU – for supporting my blogging efforts this year, your Twitter RT’s/favourites (@ailz01) and new subscribers to my Instagram (rheacollections) page. This would not have been possible without you. 2014 has been a year of new discoveries, re-discoveries, challenges and a lot of trial and error. Next year is going to be a lot more of those! Wherever you are at the stroke of midnight, I just want to wish you a safe journey into the new year ahead. I look forward to reading your updates and travel tales. See you next year…in a few hours! Happy New Year to you and your families. Featured Image: Flickr Jen Collins – – under Creative Commons license agreement

5 Secrets to Using Your Time Wisely

Originally posted on TIME:
1) Schedule things that make you happy You often schedule things that are “important”, but what about the things that make you happy? Activities on your calendar are more likely to be the things you do. So be as good about scheduling the personal as the professional. From my interview with Stanford happiness researcher Jennifer Aaker: …people who spend more time on projects that energize them and with people who energize them tend to be happier. However, what is interesting is that there is often a gap between where people say they want to spend their time and how they actually spend their time. For example, if you ask people to list the projects that energize (vs. deplete) them, and what people energize (vs. deplete them), and then monitor how they actually spend their time, you find a large percentage know what projects and people energize them, but do not in fact spend much time on those projects and with those people. 2) Time perception is everything Your conflicts with time…