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Travel gadgetry & what not: What would you recommend?

We’ve been forum-stalking, blog-stalking & Googling for useful gadgets to take with us on our upcoming South America adventure. As virgin backpackers, we’ve been doing as much research as we can. But at the same time, we’re definitely open to sh*t hitting the fan! Anyway, so far we’ve hauled the following travel must haves, but we’re definitely open to your suggestions. I’m no gadget expert but the hubby came in handy when it came to dumbing down the specs so that my puny brain can comprehend it (HA!) Canon EOS 500D: I’ve had this for a while but I’ll be taking this for those SLR quality shots I want (hellloooo Salt Flats!) Sony NEX 5N: Still waiting for it to be delivered but I fell in love with it when my cousin introduced me to it (Camera: Hi, take me home. Me: Yes, yes I will). In fact the background on this blog was taken with it using the fish eye attachment Samsung Galaxy SIII: My new love! For a phone, it does take some …

The way Sydney should be: perfection

Mother nature decided to ease up today and gave Sydney a big shove towards a great start to Spring. We settled for a glorious 20C degree weather, clear blue skies & lots of amateur photo opps. A quick stop at iconic Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, we took our plain hotdog with mustard and meat pie with cheese sauce, to the beautiful Mrs Macquarie’s Chair / Royal Botanical Gardens & found ourselves a perfect spot – right across from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. ‘Til next time….Travel safe